Specific Defects Survey

Detailed inspection of specific defects in a property

What is a Specific Defect Survey?

This service is designed for the detailed inspection of specific defects in a property and the provision of a thorough report on our assessment of the specific defect.

This type of survey is best for you if you are a current homeowner or prospective purchaser and have noticed a particular issue with the property, or you suspect that there might be one.

Some of the specific property defects we regularly inspect and report on include;

  • Cracks and distortions to buildings.
  • Dampness in buildings (rising and penetrating dampness).
  • Condensation and/or mould growth in buildings.
  • Defective or substandard workmanship by contractors or builders.
  • Defects to, or following on from extension, conversion or alteration works.
  • Defects to parts of the building including; walls, roofs, windows, floors, sub floor areas, chimneys, etc.

When will I need a Specific Defect Survey?

This type of survey can be useful if you need details about an explicit problem but don’t need or want to commission a full survey of the whole property. For example, you might be particularly worried that your house may be subsiding but know that it’s not always best to alert insurers until you have the full facts. Or you just want to check if remedial work is required and need independent expert advice without any contractual obligations to carry out work.

Or if you’re selling a property and your buyer’s surveyor has highlighted an issue, a Specific Defect Survey could provide a useful second opinion. Either way, it could allay any concerns, give you peace of mind, or provide expert information to help specify the correct remedial works.

What if I’m not buying or selling but still have an issue that worrying me?

This type of survey is useful in situations other than a sale or purchase. If you already own the property, you may just need some professional advice, perhaps before starting on renovations or redecorating. You may be looking at several conflicting quotes for a repair and need someone with no financial interest in the project to provide an unbiased view. You might be looking at an insurance claim for structural damage, or needing information to settle a dispute with a neighbour.

Our assessment will include our observations, description and understanding of the problem, the cause of the problem, the consequences, results and effects of the problem, and the actions that should be undertaken to redress the situation.