Residential Valuations


For many of us, property represents the biggest investment we will make in our lifetimes. Whatever the property type, a formal property valuation report will help you make an informed decision. A comprehensive report on value can help avoid inappropriate choices, whilst a combined valuation and survey can identify any potential problems or risks with your investment.

As registered RICS Valuers we are able to provide formal valuations for your residential property. There are many reasons for needing a valuation –

  • Private Treaty purchase– for purchasers who do not require a mortgage
  • Private Sale– for the sale of land
  • Probate– to provide a valuation of a residential property following a death
  • Matrimonial– to provide a valuation of a residential property following separation or divorce
  • Accountancy– Asset valuation of a property for business development or reduction purposes
  • Equity Purchase– To provide an RICS valuation for Housing Association purposes
  • Right to Buy– For the purchase of a local authority property by sitting tenants
  • Help to Buy– For redeeming your Help to Buy loan upon resale or re-mortgage.

Valuation standards and guidance on most aspects of valuation are given in the RICS Valuation Standards, known in the profession as the ‘Red Book’

Your valuation will be carried out by a registered valuer, who is regulated by RICS and has many years of experience in residential property valuation in Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire.

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