RICS Home Survey Level 1

Home Condition Report

This service is designed for clients (buyers, sellers, and owners) seeking a professional and objective report on the condition of their property at an economic price. As a result, an RICS Home Survey Level 1 is less comprehensive than a Level 2 or Level 3.

This level includes a visual inspection that is less extensive than for the other survey levels, and no tests of the building fabric or services are undertaken. The report objectively describes the condition of the building, its services, and the grounds.

The report will highlight relevant legal issues, and any obvious risks to the building, people, or grounds. The report will also provide an assessment of the relative importance of any defects and problems found at the property.

This will include a brief ‘head and shoulders’ look into the loft space.

Where our surveyor is unable to reach a conclusion with reasonable confidence, we will provide a recommendation that further investigations should be made.

The report will apply ‘condition ratings’ to the parts of the building:

  • Condition Rating 1 – routine maintenance only.
  • Condition Rating 2 – non-critical repairs are required.
  • Condition Rating 3 – critical repairs and/or investigations are required.

A Home Survey Level 1 report does NOT include:

  • advice on repairs or ongoing maintenance
  • a visual inspection under chamber covers to drains or septic tanks.

This level is best suited to any conventionally built, modern dwellings in a satisfactory condition, but will not suit older or complex properties, or those in a neglected condition.

Home Survey Standard 22 RICS Professional Statement – Effective from 1 March 2021

For more information on the Home Survey Level 1 Report, click HERE to download the RICS pdf.