RICS Home Survey Level 3: (Building Survey)

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This service is for clients who are seeking a professional opinion based on a detailed assessment of the property.

This report consists of a detailed visual inspection of the building, its services and the grounds and is more extensive than a Home Survey Level 2.  By evaluating the property for any potential defects, identifying their probable cause, and assessing the necessity for repairs, these inspections represent the most detailed form of inspection.

This Includes:

  • roof inspection (the surveyor will identify the type of construction and comment on its condition).
  • exposed surfaces and floors (the surveyor will lift any loose or unfitted carpet/floor coverings if possible).
  • observing the standard operation of drains in everyday use.
  • if safe to do so, concealed areas normally opened or used by the occupiers will be inspected (typical examples include roof spaces, basements, and cellars).
  • services are not tested – however they are observed in normal operation i.e. they are switched on or off and operated where the occupier has given permission and it is safe to do so.
  • windows (if practical, the surveyor will open all windows in the property).
  • objectively describing the form of construction and the building materials used for different parts of the property.
  • describe the condition of the property and provide an assessment of the relative importance of any defects and problems found at the property.

Therefore, the report will:

  • describe the identifiable risk of potential or hidden defects in areas not inspected.
  • propose the most probable cause(s) of the defects based on the inspection.
  • outline the likely scope of any appropriate remedial work and explain the likely consequences of non-repair.
  • provide photographs where necessary.
  • make general recommendations in respect of the priority and likely timescale for necessary work.
  • indicate likely costs, subject to prior agreement and an additional fee.

If our surveyor feels they are unable to reach the necessary conclusions with reasonable confidence, they will refer the matter for further investigations. However, at Survey Level 3, such referrals will be the exception rather than the rule.

This level of service is suitable for most residential properties in any condition. Recommended for older and unconventional properties that may have undergone major works or need significant renovations

Home Survey Standard 22 RICS Professional Statement – Effective from 1 March 2021.

Additional Valuation for Home Survey

A Level 3 survey can also include a reliable assessment of the property’s estimated market value. Much like the standard survey, this information will assist you in making a confident and informed decision, based on the knowledge of our local expert. Furthermore, by citing this valuation, a buyer can potentially reduce the current asking price of the property. This will guarantee that they are not being overcharged or misled during the sale.

If a valuation is requested, a reinstatement (rebuilding) cost will also be calculated.

For more information on the Home Survey Level 3 Report, click HERE to download the RICS pdf.